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I've been looking for a hair salon in NYC for a year and now I finally found it!!

I absolutely love my hair cut by Lukas!! My suggestion for Lukas's future client is to let him do his work, rather than giving him a specific

instruction on how many inches or bringing a picture. I am so happy that I did it because he determined what style would look good for

my face shape and hair type. It clearly worked because i got compliments by even strangers all day long!

He also didn't push any product on me once. I overheard other stylists pushing products to their clients so I totally appreciated that.

Ps. It is a high end salon so expect to pay (a lot) but It was worth every penny for me!

Bought a Gilt voucher for wash/cut/blow for about $70 and it was worth everything & more! Sheryln (I hope I got that right) was my

stylist who at first I was a bit skeptical just because I have the kinkiest, frizzy hair and her blowout technique is the first I've ever

seen...seems more like how a 5yo would blow out your hair if you let them!
Needless to say, she is a pro and I'm so glad I just sat there and let her do her thing!!!

Very impressed! Super skilled! From cut to style; they know detail - Ted Gibson has trained his staff well! Everyone walked out looking

incredible so I'm going to say they're all amazing stylist!

They also offer a nice hand massage while you're drying & they even have sparkling water!!! I would've preferred a glass of wine but

my liver surely was happy with water!
Checking in & out with Alex (I hope I got that right) was super easy.. I did not get the uncomfortable 'extreme couponing' feeling from

anyone here!

Brunnettes I really did want to love this place but that's a no. I've always had Blk hair all my life and never did color. I finally decided to

step out and get a consult. I met with Ronnie who was a doll, I brought in pics and he said the balayage effect I wanted would be great

for me. After all, I wanted his opinion if it would look good too. I felt confident in the consult and bought my voucher for highlights from

gilt city and made my appt. I walked in and was greeted and proceeded to put my robe on blah blah. So finally I brought in the pics

again and showed Ronnie to refresh his memory and we were off! He mixed the color, applied and we chatted. Things were going

great. Now before this I told him I had a box dye on my hair and he told me it was the worst thing and the color my not lift well but as he

kept checking after applying the color he said its looking great. Meanwhile the nice lady came and gave me a heavenly hand massage

while I fell in and out of sleep.

I finally washed off and Ronnie proceeded to blow dry. The color was like a copper looking piece of crap and I have olive skin tone -

you tell me how that looks! I wanted to die in my chair. He assured me the color would lighten up and I would need to come in again if I

really wanted to achieve my look...I left sad/mad/frazzled at the state my hair was in. Especially this being the first time i saw some

color in it. And by the way, I end up being his last client of the night. I told him I wanted some nice bouncy curls as he curl my hair with

that hair tools brand curler, which I explained to him never works on my hair but he still used it anyway. And guess what, when I came

out the train, no curls left. Just copper and frizz. Happy ending to my story, a friend recommended me to someone else and this girl

hooked up my hair. She gave me the knowledge that balayage is not for dark hair girls, despite the reviews. And the reason why is

because our hair takes longer to lift, and it's not with balayage.  since balayage is a free handed highlight technique, when used on

blondes, it's better because their hair lifts easy.  Blondes lifting is quicker which is why the free hand method can be used. Hope that

makes sense. I went to see my new girl after a week of this, she hooked up my hair to the exact color I wanted in one session, besides

the fact that Ronnie said I would need multiple treatments, I think he's mostly blonde colorist from what I can tell. So ah no, I won't be

going here.

So after being a customer for over a year. A lot has changed at this salon. My two best colorist and hair stylist Karen and Sade no

longer work there. So out of courtesy From the Ted Gibson team they offered a free service to try out a new hair stylist. Well that was a

HUGE MISTAKE. They gave me Eric. I came out so distraught and upset. He does not know what he's doing at all. He should not be in

this business if he can't even out two sides.  His blowout was atrocious. And if your going to curl my hair which I'm glad he didn't don't

just curl two pieces.  Super Cuts does better work than him. And don't bash your ex employees on their work rude and disrespectful.

Your fee should be $25 not $150. Too bad that you didn't keep the great ones there. I found Karen and Sade by the way so I'll be

following them.

I originally followed my hairstylist here, Yelena (she's the best), but I am so glad she came to work at Ted Gibson. The staff is super

nice and helpful, they give you a hand massage during the cut, and a scalp massage before the wash... oh and free bang trims sre a

total bonus.  The salon is really lux and I love it here!

Usually NEVER complain But, this place has ruined my hair!  Yes, I went as a bayalage model on a Monday at 1. I thought this is

suppose to be a TOP salon, they should know what color is about... Wrong, I was told I would love my hair painting!  I wanted cooler

purple/ violet tones...No, I asked Not to have copper red tones and now it's exactly orange in the sun! Awful, contacted the colorist,

promised he would fix this but hasn't given me a day or time and putting me off!
Also, wasted 2 hours just waiting to start and another 2 hrs for dry damaged hair! When will this be fixed?? I gave a decent tip and had

purchased 2 products I didn't need.. I hope the supervisor of the color team will see this rating!  Maybe Ted Gibson himself!

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Kids Haircut Coupons

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