Friday, March 28, 2014

Hey guys, yup a post from me is long overdue but network issues n all,... Back to today's post
When in doubt wear red! Well this post is based on a true life story starring ... Me... Lol, well I had all my clothes transferred to my new house, which I later found out was a bad idea, because I had nothing to wear to work when I came visiting during the week. But behold... My red gown was hanging on my wardrobe as I had just wore nit to church that Sunday.... Never wanting to feel dressed down I knew that simple red gown could do the trick, trust me..... Everyone at work complained (trust me that was a good thing) so darlings, do u have an event, you don't know what to mix match, or your just too tired to dress up.... WEAR RED!! Here are a few red dress inspirations to influence your wardrobe choices... 

Not just dresses though, pops of the color red does wonders to your outfit. So ladies red do or red don't? Share your thoughts n opinions

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