Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The young mind is a very impressionable mind and by the age of five children starts developing their taste. Therefore it is very crucial to keep track of what kids are learning from their surroundings. Thanks to internet, video games and television, boys have become quite lazy and inactive these days; they are most at risk. However, there are parents who still believe in gifting age-appropriate presents to their boys. This helps in protecting his innocence until he is of age. But what are age-appropriate gifts for boys and how to distinguish them from others? Here are some suggestions:

1. Most toy stores stack games and toys age wise. These include educational board games and toys, and non-educational games, which help in mental growth. That is why they are great as gifts according to a boy's age. There are even games and toys that cultivate the creative bend of their mind.

2. Unlike girls, who love fairytales, fantasy and similar stories, boys prefer adventure, mysteries, thrillers etc. Thus, books make a perfect gift for boys who have more refined tastes. Books always make you imaginative and curious which all the more necessary for young minds.

3. Footwear is another great idea for gifting purposes. You've been buying branded sneakers and athletic shoes for your boys for a while now. This year gift him something new; gift him boys’ sandals. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for summers as they can be worn with casual and semi-casuals. They are perfect for beaches as well. Available in a variety of styles and designs, these sandals are already a hit with many boys. After all they look so charming in them.

Most often, boys of same age group, show inclination towards similar things, such as bikes, video games, merchandised products etc. But the elders must understand, giving into every demand of their children do them no good.

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