Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rocked by Blogger style is my thing

Flounce hems are a flirty, fun and pretty, .Flounce skirt, trumpet skirt, fluted skirt or ruffled hem skirt - this style has a lot of names 

I have watched this trend for a while now, and though I love it, some will find it ....... Unflattering. They  add a touch of frivolity to your sleek look, whether it's at the bottom of a blouse, skirt or dress.  A flounce hem flatters the leg shape too, distracting from them, which is perfect if you're not too keen on getting them out. 

Keep the rest of the look more fitted to help highlight the shape of the end of the garment. 

So guys.... FLOUNCE IT? Or dump it....

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