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Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

Ian first met Anthony in 6th grade science class. He has a dog named Sparky, an unnamed cat that went berserk in "Cat Soup," a

lizard that got rabies in "LIZARD RABIES!", and a sister who was accidentally run over by Anthony in "Ian's Birthday." In an episode of

Lunchtime with Smosh, he mentions that he has an older sister, though it is unknown if this sister was the one killed in Ian's Birthday or

if she is a separate person. In an episode of Ian is Bored and Smosh, he claims he had a long lost brother named Adrian Hendrix, who

died in a motorcycle accident, but this has yet to be proven real. His favorite food is pink-frosted sprinkled donuts. Although he is best

friends with Anthony in real life and almost every Smosh video, they are both mortal enemies in the Food Battle series. It is because

Anthony thinks Ian's pink-frosted sprinkled donuts are useless, and he says that his taquitos, celery, churros, burritos, red hot chili

peppers, and rainbow lollipops are much better. In the episode "The Future Sucks!" it was shown that Ian will die when he's about 50

(but it's unknown if it's actually true or not) due to him being eaten by a T-Rex.

Ian is shown to vary in being either more or less attractive to women than Anthony. He started an online blog to find someone who

would date him, but every single one of the 30,698 votes declined. However, in the episode "5 Ways to Get a Girl," he was attracted by

a girl who was sympathetic for him crying, but she was never seen again. In "Ian's First Girlfriend," Ian and Antoinette plan a wedding,

but Anthony's hypnotism makes Ian lose his sentence, thus resulting in Antoinette breaking up with him. In "The Famous Cheese Guy,"

Anthony took a picture with a girl who enjoyed his cheese Melt-Down commercial, but when Ian moved in, the girl pushed him away

and then spit on him. Ian's sexuality varies as well. In the episode "Smosh Snatchers," Anthony claims that the only guy Ian would go

gay for is McGyver, but Ian states that he thinks every guy would go gay for McGyver. In "EVIL FORTUNE COOKIE!", he was given a

fortune that said that he and Anthony get married, so Ian asked Anthony to marry him. Anthony refused, and Ian started crying and

yelled that he would've just divorced him anyway.

Ian also has a French cousin named Pierre, who appeared in the episode "I'M NOT RACIST!!!". Anthony thinks that Pierre is gay,

when he really is not (although he does do some arguably gay things), as seen when he reacts disgustedly when he thinks Anthony is

gay. Pierre seems to have the same level, if not, lower level of intelligence compared to Ian.

His family is more well known and more often seen than Anthony's family. Ian's mother Cheryl is a recurring character in the videos,

either as a caring mother to Ian or an antagonist ("XTREME SLEEPOVER!," "REAL DEATH NOTE!," the alternate ending to

"Breaking the Habit"). Ian's sister was killed off in "Ian's Birthday," but he was very happy about this, meaning that he hated his sister.

In an interview by New Media Rockstars in 2012, Ian mentioned that that his most caught Pokemon in the game was the Pidgey. In the

same interview, he mentioned that his favorite guilty pleasure is using up all the gas in the car. He also mentioned that he used to be a

runner and always wanted to run a marathon, but his parents would never let him because he was underage. Ian was a chubby kid

when he was younger. In this interview, Ian mentioned that he has a huge phobia of bees. He was swinging on a swing when he was

little at his aunt's backyard, not knowing that there was a wasp's hive there, he then confidently pushed it with the swing, making all the

bees flee out and attack him.

As of October 30, 2013, Ian has a German Shepherd dog named Daisy. According to Ian she is SPCA rescue. It is unknown if she will

be appearing in Smosh or Ian is Bored/Lunchtime with Smosh videos.

Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

Pictures Of Kids Haircuts Biography

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