Friday, March 7, 2014

Sometimes I find myself getting lost in the wardrobes of fashionable TV characters rather than following the story line or plot. Who could blame me when so many iconic characters are still setting the stage for today’s fashion trends? Television shows are an excellent place to find style inspiration and discover new brands. Check out my list of some of the most fashionable TV characters and see if you can take a page from their look book! 


When creating a list of fashionable TV characters, this one’s a given. Sex and the City is a fashion goldmine, and while some of their outfits have been a bit outlandish at times, the fashion risks that the women take are totally edgy and sexy. Carrie takes the cake when it comes to unique city fashion. This girl can totally pull off a tutu and a beater like it’s nothing.


Yet another NYC fashionista, Blair has the preppy-chic look down to a tee. She always looks so put-together and her expensive taste is completely evident. Although her behavior may not always be classy, her taste in clothes is a class-act.

Valerie stokes
The single ladies season one hottie brought it! In the series, I honestly have re watched the series time and time again, Oooh Nah not because I loved the story line (though I do love it totally) but she knew how to rock! Her choices of clothes were bold and chic and her carriage made it even more delightful


Oh come on, I had to include this character in my list of fashionable TV characters. Eva Longoria came on the scene and captivated men and women alike with her impossibly fit figure and super-sexy wardrobe. Gabby totally knew how to get what she wanted and was hands-down the most fashionable housewife. Sure, in the later episodes her style started going down the drain for the sake of the plot, but we always remember those incredible form-fitting dresses and her amazing shoe collection.


Of course I had to put the other infamous Gossip Girl on this list, but for different reasons than Blair. Serena’s style is more that of NYC street-style. She’s still classy, but more relaxed and relatable.


The castle detective is my daily blazer inspiration, she rocks dem blazers like a pro, so if your into men's wear styling, she's your go-to girl.

The hottie who stole our hearts with her confidence and quirky quotes and also from the single ladies series this lady is also another reason I follow the series... She was fire and fashion! Though a bit too ghetto for some but she's did it for me

So who is your fashionable television character?

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