Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lets face it. DIY sucks in Nigeria. The only DIY we do here are last minute repairs when we are late for dates or appointments, we are waaaaay too busy to make our own chains, convert our trousers to bum shorts, even style our hairs. But I liked this DIY because, I realized when I stack my jewelleries in one bag they get spoiled, broken, rusted, tangled, the whole shebang. But where we can improvise one lazy sanitation weekend to make our jewellery problems go away, am sure it will be worth it. Thus here are some DIY ways to take care of your jewellery

You mustn't have this exact apparatus o, but it's the idea that counts. Don't crucify me

Now this we can relate to, my friend has this super cool jewellery hanger, and I always loved looking at it, I had no idea my regular hanger could. Also do the trick.

Yup, that's an actual rake... Nothing is useless, the moment am back in the village where I was posted, AMA find me some rake, AMA clean it up, then Ama hang it up nd hang my jewelleries on there. O_o. Like this 

Shines teeth*

I have tried si?


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