Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An impeccable wardrobe is a great foundation, but it’s not enough to be truly stylish and ready for any problem that might impact your flawless look. Discover some of the best secret style tips that professionals use all the time and are happy to share. With the right tips and tricks, you’ll never feel unprepared for a fashion emergency and you’ll learn how easy it is to always look your best.

Zipper Lubricant

Few things can ruin a special occasion like the realization that your zipper is stuck. Forget about zipper problems by getting a cheap zipper lubricant and you’ll never have to completely change your outfit at the last moment before an important evening. A stick of zipper lubricant is small enough to fit in your clutch, so you’ll know that you’ll also easily get out of your outfit at the end of the night.

Doublestick Tape

Using doublestick tape is one of the secret style tips that keep on giving. On one hand, you can make sure you won’t have any accidents when you decide to go for a sexy look. Use it to secure your garments on your cleavage or to keep a mini skirt from rising up. If you have it handy, you can also hem new pants quickly, when you don’t have time to get them altered the right way. Always wondered why Lola volcan's dresses never ride up? Lol

Shoe Stretcher

Some women choose to suffer for fashion, especially when it comes to gorgeous shoes that are tighter than they’re comfortable with. With the help of an adjustable shoe stretcher, you’ll never have to grin and bare the pain of shoes that are too tight. 

Padded Hangers

Thick hangers are a must, but wooden or plastic ones shouldn’t be your top choice. Throw away your wire hangers and upgrade to padded hangers, especially for delicate fabrics. Vintage dresses need careful maintenance, so they should still be stored in boxes, but for everything else, a padded hanger is one of the secret style tips that will keep your clothes looking great for years.

Pencil Erasers

If you’ve even lost an earring, you can stop worrying about the chances of that happening again by simply using pencil erasers. Whether you’re wearing earrings with sentimental value or very expensive ones, simply cut the top of a round pencil eraser and use it to secure your earrings. Pierce it at the back of your ear with the earring and your jewelry will stay put.

Perfume Types

Your fragrance will dissipate faster if you have dry skin and stick around longer on oily skin. That’s where different types of perfume come in. If fragrances usually stick to your skin for too long, you might want to switch to Eau de Cologne, the least concentrated type of fragrance. For dry skin, you might need Eau de Parfum, but never apply it directly on the skin. Spritz it in the air and walk through it, one of the oldest and best secret style tips. What to do when you’re already stuck with a lot of Eau de Toilette? Apply a tiny bit of petroleum jelly on your skin before applying it to make it last longer.

White Chalk

When you’re wearing white, a bit of chalk can help you get rid of any stains in no time. Simply rub it on the stain and you can get back to your pristine look. It works for all types of makeup stains and even for stray liquids that can ruin your look and mood when you can’t change right away.

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