Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unaware of who said 'a lot can be said about a man by his shoes', many of us use it redundantly while we jugde men on the basis of his footwear. There is nothing wrong in the quote, in fact one can really tell whether the man is organized or clumsy by his shoes.

However, quoting quotes out of context is an old habit that dies hard. But why categorically just men, whose shoes have the gift of character predictions? Can not one say anything about a woman by her shoes? Whether she will be fun or boring? Once again, probably it is the impact of patriarchal society where all human beings are 'Man'. or maybe, whoever said the above mentioned quote never felt the need to look at a woman's feet. 

Come to think of it, women have more footwear choices than men and bonus, women have the liberty to wear anything they like; except at formal occasion. On the other hand, casual, semi-casual, semi-formal and formal, men's shoes are set occasionwise. Yet, there are some exceptions in men who are clueless about what to wear, where.

Given that men have their shoe rack organised according to the occasions and they do not need much help, let's talk about what women should wear at what occasion.
Casual footwear: Casual occasions need no introduction. Whenever there is no occasion, that is casual occasion. Women can wear almost anything they like. Starting from extremly comfortable athletic shoes to clogs and mules to excrutiatingly painful high heel pumps, casuals allow everything. However, if you coordinate your shoes with your casual clothes you have better chances of  looking symetrical than out of place, no matter how 'whacky' your clothes are.
Semi-casual footwear: Flats, loafers, moccasins, wedges or pumps, anything that is casual and comfortable is a good enough semi-casual footwear. For semi-casual occasion such as graduation parties or a 'welcome home' party or even a BBQ is semi casual. One is expected to let loose him or herself at such parties, eat, drink and be merry as much as you can. Depending on the weather and the theme or occasion of the party, you can wear cute dresses, skirts, trousers or denims. Select a casual blouse or t-shirt with your skirt or trousers and denims respectively. 
Semi-formal footwear: Coming to a slightly serious kind of footwear, semi formal shoes often give 'no nonsence' sort of an idea about the wearer. That is why most working women prefer wearing them to their offices. A simple pair of black high heel pumps or wedges, minus the frills and decorations are perfect while working behind the desk as well as enjoying at official parties. Pumps are so classy and elegant that they have become synonymous with semi-formal occasions. Be it a house-warming party or your kid's piano recital, a semi-formal suit, suit dress or even a smart dress with matching high heel pumps or stilletos always work for women.

Formal footwear: Remember the fact that rules are a little lenient with women when it comes to formal dressing? Well, here is the proof. At any formal occasion, men have to abide by the formal dress code, which expects them to wear double breasted suit, in black or white colour, depending on how formal the occasion is. A white shirt is accompanied along with a white or black bow tie. As far as shoes are concerned, patent leather Oxford shoes are most appropriate. For women, evening gowns in  any colour, style or materieal is absolutely fine. That is why women take the liberty to look better than the best. Formal footwear for women is, again, sophisticated looking high heels that are unique but at the same time enhances the look of the gown and hers too.

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