Friday, March 8, 2013

The main reason why I have chosen to write about this collection is as it does a few things that I have been grip about for a while now.

Number one:
From the early ages, we, men/boys, have for all time had a fixation with the length of things. It could have stemmed from our parents engraving in us the differences between boys and girls, and what they wear identifies them as that; or our friends expressing the same sentiments during play time at school.

Ann Demeulemeester dares to play with what men fear so much. It’s time to grow up boys. What our parents and friends once said about looking like girls, well that’s all down to their own insecurities. Dare to not care and put on a long shirt, or an exaggerated knit to keep you warm for this coming fall. Who are you kidding anyway; you know you’ve always wanted to.

How to make lengths look a bit more masculine, is mixing it up with layering of other different lengths i.e. shorter jackets, tailored blazers, longer trenches, and harder textures like leather and rubber. Be creative and experiment. I’m sure you’ll come up with something that you will personally enjoy.

Number two:
Dip Dye:
Since setting my eyes on the Dip Dye ‘Dries Van Noten’ jacket I knew dip dying would be the newest fad. It is the easiest and the simplest of ways to introduce tone to an outfit, and some high street brands, *cough cough* topshop *cough cough* have already brought this idea to their shop floor. Here, Ann Demeulemeester uses more natural colors, somewhat symbolic of being stripped back to basic tones, mixing this concept with a flashy tailored royal blue.

This collection dares to do what all men have at least once done in their lives, yes men let’s not deny it. We have all put on a dress before- If it weren’t just for curiosity, it could have been for fancy dress, a stag do, or a ridiculously drunken night.

However this collection takes these feminine elements, whilst using different textures turning it into a very powerfully manly collection. The real kind of man, that doesn’t care what people think and is completely comfortable in his own skin. Are you him? [Source]

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