Monday, April 23, 2012

"A healthy breakfast is the mainly vital food of the day,” says Dr Jyothi Prasad, primary nutritionist, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.“There’s a virtually ten-hour long gap between dinner and day food, through which the body is on quick mode. As the name indicates, breakfast is the food you eat to break that fast,” explains Dr Prasad, “It refuels your body with nutritional value to kick-start your day. So don’t skip it.”
Whole-wheat breads sandwich
Whole-wheat breads sandwich: If you are a veggie, she indicates a simple paneer, onion, tomato and cucumber sandwich. “Spread a part of low-fat paneer instead of cheese, as it’s a healthier choice,”. A part of grated paneer, cut up vegetables, cucumber and tomato, pepper and sodium – and you are willing to go. For non-vegetarians, keep some boiled, boneless chicken pieces handy. Mustard marinade or mayo with boiled chicken and vegetables tastes fantastic, try it out today.
Cereal: Dr Prasad alerts against those sugar-coated cereal products in the market. “Choose sugar-free wheat flakes or corn flakes. They load up in carbohydrates, fiber and protein,”. “Add some fresh fruit or dry fruit and nuts to create it more healthy.”
Daliya: “Popular up north, daliya creates for an outstanding breakfast choice,”. Daliya is unprocessed wheat, loaded with fiber and complex carbohydrates, it’s healthy and can be made quickly. Dr Prasad suggests including a handful of nut products to create daliya a perfect, complete breakfast.
Dosa: “Choose a multi-grain dosa — what we call adai down south — over the regular kind,” It packages in multiple nutritional value – just what you need to boost your day. Though, just make sure you use a non-stick pan, and less oil though.
Eggs: While egg make for an outstanding breakfast choice for kids, adults must take very carefully. “Get your fat profile tested,”, before you go on an egg eating spree. If your cholestrerol levels is high, make sure you stay away from egg yolk. An fantastic source of protein, selenium and riboflavin, egg white wines are low in fats and cholestrerol. So beat in one or two egg white wines, add some cut up fresh vegetables ,  a touch of turmeric root extract, sodium and red-chilli powder to taste — mix and struggle or create an omelette.
Steamed idlis
Steamed idlis: Your local community grocery store is most likely to have a stock of idli mixture. Cook idlis the night before, if you are too in a rush in the day. Eat idlis with honey, it’s delicious and won’t require additional time for making chutney or such. In the morning, micro-wave idlies, add some honey and you are willing to go.
Oats: Full of fiber, oatmeal is known to help control glucose levels and keep cholestrerol levels under check. What more? It’s easy to make too. Again, including nuts and fruit or dry fruit to that oat porridge.
Poha (flattened rice): Poha is easy to made and takes very little time too. “Add fresh vegetables like beans, and perhaps even green beans into your poha to create it more nutritious,”. Keep some cooking groundnuts useful to add that extra sing to your poha, groundnuts are also healthy as they pack up in anti-oxidants, folate and a host of other nutritional.

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