Thursday, August 12, 2010

it's the end of an era. 

in the summer of 2009 i reconnected with my old best friend, Eric, who introduced me to my favorite neighbor, Steven, who both introduced me back to old gal pals from high school. and since then, my life completely changed. so much has happened in one year. it's hard to grasp how time flies, and how much you learn in the process. 

from june 09 to now, i've traveled to london, paris, &  barcelona (and at the end of september, i'll be visiting Asia for the first time). i had three different jobs from Riviera to Ferragamo, and now LOCALE. 

Steven is moving to NYC to pursue his genius - ART.
Eric is also moving to NYC to scream his fashion sense to the world at FIT.
Linh (1/2 of sara+linh) is going back to school to become a PA
Sara (other 1/2 of sara+linh) is starting her first semester @ pharmschool in CO
Kathy (my oldest friend since 2nd grade!) is becoming a fabulous optometrist 
Nguyen transferred to Loyola law

we sound like the most eclectic group of friends, but you know what? that's what's so amazing. 

yes, a lot can happen in a year. actually, a lot can happen in a day. but the one thing that stays the same is our DRIVE to succeed AND to be happy. 

check, and check. 

can't wait to see what 2011 has got in store for all of us. 


on me:

BCBG silk wide-leg wrap jumpsuit
BLUMARINE cardigan
STEVE MADDEN suede nude pumps
BALENCIAGA grey w/ rose gold hardware clutch 
random rings

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