Thursday, October 3, 2013

Taking care of you hair is a bit like gardening. You have to nourish it, protect it, keep it trimmed and make sure it doesn't go to seed. Here are the most common hair mistakes to avoid if you want healthy hair and a flattering hairstyle.

1. You wash your hair every single day.
Even things we think are good for our hair may turn out to be hair mistakes. While washing your hair every day may seem like a good idea, it often strips your hair and scalp of healthy oils, leaving them super dry. To prevent this, try alternating your shampoo with a hair conditioner every other day.

2. You blowdry your hair on "hot".

One of the most frequent hair mistakes women make is using the hair dryer on the hottest setting available. Doing this will not add extra volume to your hair, it will simply frizzle your hair. If you want to prevent this, simply use the "warm" or "cool" settings and linger a bit longer on your hair strands.

3. You mix hairspray and hot irons.
One of the worst hair mistakes you can make is mixing hairspray and hot irons. When exposed to heat, the alcohol in hairspray literally fries your hair. Use a thermal protection product to style whenever using hair straighteners and hair spray to hold.

4. You overdose on moisturizing products.
One of the common hair mistakes you can make is overdosing on super-hydrating pomades, which will leave your hair looking lifeless and weighed-down. To get the best effects, apply just a dab each morning, paying special attention to your ends.

5. You dye all over to cover your roots.
Applying extra dye on your colored strands when your roots are showing is one of the most common hair mistakes women make. Apply a bit of dye to your roots only, to prevent over-processing.

8. You try to cover grays with home color.
One of the most common hair color mistakes you can make is trying to cover grays with home dye. You will often end up with a flat, muddy-looking hair color. To fix this, choose a shade with a touch of gold, such as a golden brown.

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