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Celebrity wedding hairstyles mean hairdos that incorporate all those hairdos worn by celebrities on their big day.  Famous celebrity Jessica Alba wore her in an elegant but traditional celebrity wedding hairstyles. She went for a centre partition then made fishbone braids along her forehead that gets twisted into an elegant chignon at her nape. Chignons are ideal for those women who want to wear a veil on their head for their wedding day. The chignon offers good support for your veil so that you do not have to struggle a lot with your hair to affix the veil atop your hair.

Wedding Hairstyles
Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

It would also be a good idea to go for a side partition and then make a messy chignon at the side of your head. You can adorn the other side with a nice orchid or half bloomed rose so that you look feminine and becoming in the hairdo.Famous celebrity Jennifer Lopez wore her hair in a sexy hairdo from the celebrity wedding hairstyles 2012. She went for a centre partition and the curled the ends of her long and layered haircut. The curls gave her chiseled and heart shaped face a very sexy appearance. This form of hairdo chosen from the celebrity wedding hairstyles is ideal for women from Latin America and the Asian Region.

At another occasion Jenifer Lopez went for a sleek bun at her nape with a centre partition at her forehead. She had brushed her hair dead straight with styling gel. Another bride went for some waves styled in a side partition with a half bun at the back of her head. There is also the option of going for a chignon at the side of one’s head in combination with side swept bangs straightened to perfection. This kind of hairdo is ideal for those women who have dead straight hair since the sleek look can only be achieved through straightened hair. There is also the option of making a bun with the help of French braid.

For this you will have to make two fish bone braids and a French braid which then falls into a bun at your nape.This would primarily suit those women who have a chiseled and high cheek boned face in combination with long and silky hair.Famous celebrity Penelope Cruz wore the same hairdo but her hair was streaked and she did a little bit of back combing before combing the longer side of the side partition. This style of the hairdo chosen from the celebrity wedding hairstyles suited her to perfection since her face cut needed s bit of height. The streaks in her hair added variety to the overall hairdo. So try out one of these celebrity wedding hairstyles so that you look hot and smoldering at the next big event.

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