Friday, December 14, 2012

i'm typically not one to participate in costume parties, but in this case i am all in. this is some inspiration costume options for my company's holiday party at the new REVOLVE/FORWARD office this Saturday. the theme is 1920's dapper flapper jazz age speakeasy, which is a highly appropriate choice as far as "trends" go and the coming of The Great Gatsby (absolutely can not wait for that to come out by the way). i can either go the obvious, decadent glamourous, sparkly, fringy flapper Daisy Buchanan route, or the Marlene Dietrich route with her fabulous androgynous suit-and-fur ensembles, and then infuse YSL's famous Le Smoking image. I threw in Bianca Jagger, although this was decades before her time, but she embodies that handsome woman look i'm into too. Decisions!

stay tuned for images (and what i decided to wear!) from tomorrow night's speakeasy.

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