Thursday, October 11, 2012

Suri, Shiloh, Mason, and Willow —the celebrities of superstar magazine covers and baby blogs in which their all outfits and fit is recorded. These kids have valuable and measurable impact. They encourage outfits sales with what they wear, they sell publications with their adorable faces, and they brace up their father and mother's reputation by giving them a human identification far from the gorgeous gold and small screen personals.

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Suri Cruise: 

Looks like this 6 year-old gets her fashion lessons from her parents. Check out her golden heels!
Mason Disick: 

The two year-old is often spotted in smart shirts and trousers. Is he trying to strike a fashion statement for himself?
Kylie Jenner: 

The youngest member of the Family Kardashian, 15-year-old Kylie Jenner loves to flaunt her flawless skin and dangerous curves! Check her out!
Kiernan Shiptka: 

Her 'A' line frock teamed with dazzling studs and stylish shoes speak aloud her fashion sense!
Hailee Steinfeld: 

She's all of 15 but has a fashion sense of a thirty year old. How elegant!
Elle Fanning: 

That suit looks a little out-dated but check out the way this 14 year old is pulling it off! (Thumbsup)
Chloë Moretz: 

Her off-soulder dress, stylish hairdo and stripy stilettos make her look like a fashionista.
Maude Apatow: 

She likes it simple! That's what we guess from her calf-length dress & her simple hair-do.
Willow Smith: 

Daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith flaunts designer labels in her wardrobe. Guess the brand shes wearing here.....
Kingston Rossdale: 

This 6 year-old 's glasses and checked shirt make him look like he belongs to the 80s.


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