Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Smokey eye is attractive and sexy. The greatest thing a propos it is that it looks excellent on everyone! From young girls to older women…even on boys!. Smokey eyes in no way go out of fashion! I Propose dressed in the Smokey eye in the evening as a spice up factor, pretty than every day. You want them to be sexy…not medieval.

It’s fairly effortless to accomplish when done properly. I’m going to discuss you through it comprehensive so you too can stone the Smokey eye!

smokey eyes

1. Use a medium-sized eye shadow brush to implement white/flesh ripped eye darkness from the end of your eyelid up to eyebrow. It should not be heavy, just sufficient so that it gives you a fresh scheme of shade to work on.

2. Take a black eye liner and range the tops of both lids, just smoothly.

3. Using the medium eye brush, implement mild grayish eye shadow in excess of your eyelid only.

4. Use a little eye shadow brush to implement dark eye darkness to the outside of your lids and 50 percent way across the top of your eye lid. Type of like an ‘R’ form on your left eye and a back to front ‘R’ form on your left

5. Apply eye liner beneath your eyes, gently for daytime and bulkier for evening wear

6. Apply dark mascara to the top and bottom

7. Twist them

8. Go out and show them off!

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